"Hospice Chorale"
Cover, "Infirmary", oil on linen by Bill Rutherfoord
"Trust No Scaffold Built of this Bone"
Cover, "Brentley", acrylic on canvas by Jim Ether
"David E. Williams Ensemble Experience Project"
Cover, band photo by Jerome Deppe

"Every Missing Duck is a Duck Missed"
Cover, "Worm Wine", acrylic on canvas by Amy Kollar Anderson

"Pseudo Erotica and Beyond, 1986-1998"
Cover, anonymous photo courtesy of "Mr. Lamia"

"Hope Springs a Turtle"
Cover, "Self Portrait", acrylic on canvas by BATES

"Hello Columbus"
Cover (title unknown) by Honorio Philopono, Venice, 1621
Design and Layout by Bernard Jerome Deppe and Aaron Martinek

"I Have Forgotten How to Love You"
Insert Cover, 'Follower With Flowers', stained glass by Judith Schaechter

"A House for the Dead and a Porch for the Dying"
Cover, 'Tiny Eva', stained glass by Judith Schaechter

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